About Us

In today’s competitive marketplace, no one tops our quality, flexibility and reliability when it comes to delivering the metal castings you need to make your business a success.

We produce quality ferrous shell molded castings for diverse customers throughout the world. All our metal types — gray, ductile and high-alloy irons — are cast exclusively in the shell molding process. Providing shell molded castings that consistently meet the exacting requirements of our customers is the founding mission of Hiler Industries.

Cost-Effective Solutions

The shell molding process offers improved and/or reduced machining, lighter castings and tighter tolerances compared to green sand foundries.

Depth of Experience

Hiler Industries has successfully produced quality metal castings since 1946 for a wide range of industries. We are the casting supplier to many large, well-known companies, including John Deere and Caterpillar.


The personal safety of each and every employee of Hiler Industries is of prime importance. The company management recognizes its responsibilities to provide leadership in the health and safety program and to ensure its continued effectiveness and ...

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Since its founding in 1946, Hiler Industries has a history of integrating technological innovations into the metal casting process, including being early adopters of the ‘shell’ process, of austempered ductile iron, and of demand control managemen...

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Quality Commitment

From the moment your order is taken to the time it leaves our shipping dock, your satisfaction is paramount. Hiler Industries is committed to satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations in quality, delivery and service. Our Quality Policy...

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Certifications / Awards

All Hiler Industries locations undergo routine rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure that we achieve optimal product and process quality. Quality is an integral part of our process, as our customers depend on the consistency and integrity of o...

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