At Hiler Industries, our shell mold process utilizes technologically advanced equipment, such as: Shell Mold Machines (with bonding applicators, modernized mechanical picker units, flame sensing & lockout safeties, wireless temperature outputs, integrated weight / temperature / timer PLC controls) Shell Core Machines (Manual and Automatic; PLC & touch screen controls) Electric Induction Melt Furnaces (IGBT...

From a simple to an extremely complex casting design, our pattern shop makes the patterns that ensure an accurate casting that meets your specifications. CNC machined patterns provide close and consistent casting tolerances Our in-house pattern shop reduces processing time from prototyping through production Hiler Industries’ patterns are typically built to a standard envelope size...

Our metal pouring capabilities are as follows: Ferrous Ductile Cast Iron (ASTM A536 / SAE J434) 60-40-18 (BHN 187 Max) 60-42-10 (BHN 187 Max) 65-45-12 (BHN 156-217) 80-55-06 (BHN 187-255) 100-70-03 (BHN 241-302) HiSiMo Ductile Iron Austempered Ductile Iron (ASTM A897) (Outside Heat Treatment Facility) 110/70/11 (BHN 241-302) 130/90/09 (BHN 269-321) 150/110/07 (BHN 302-375) 175/125/04...

Hiler Industries features a full metallurgical laboratory that uses the latest material-testing technology. Spectrographic analysis ensures that customer requirements are consistently met. A state-of-the-art image analyzer is used to determine that proper nodularity and other metallurgical characteristics have been attained. Both chemical and mechanical certifications can be provided upon request. Our metallurgical services include: Spectrographic...

P & H Machine Company, our industrial machine shop facility, houses the equipment to ensure that your casting is completed with the quality and customer precision you demand. Our CNC machine shop equipment includes: 47 CNC turning centers 8 CNC vertical machining centers 6 CNC horizontal machining centers 5 CNC high-speed drilling & tapping centers...

Our central metal casting finishing and shipping facility ensures that your castings are completed accurately and delivered on time. This ergonomically and environmentally friendly facility boasts: 50,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art automated grinding and iron casting finishing area CNC auto-grind machines with collaborative robots Hydraulic Trim Press with collaborative robot 25,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space...

With our two modern foundries and nearby machining and finishing locations, Hiler can handle all aspects of high-quality shell mold casting production, finishing and shipping.

Accurate Castings
LaPorte, IN

  • Alloyed iron
  • Gray iron
  • Pattern shop

Kingsbury Casting Division
Kingsbury, IN

  • Ductile iron
  • Full metallurgical lab

P & H Machine Company
Walkerton, IN

  • CNC machine shop

Precision Processes Division
Walkerton, IN

  • Centralized finishing
  • Consolidated shipping

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