Since its founding in 1946, Hiler Industries has a history of integrating technological innovations into the metal casting process, including being early adopters of the ‘shell’ process, of austempered ductile iron, and of demand control management. Since 2012, Hiler Industries has formalized its innovation efforts to be based around employee engagement. Over 1/3 of the entire workforce has been immersion trained in innovation techniques.

Under the umbrella of Hiler’s Innovation Program is a Continual Improvement Program which has made a tremendous number of incremental advancements in areas of

  • Safety
  • Training
  • Process Improvement
  • Quality
  • Marketing
  • Technology

Hiler Industries invites you to collaborate with us. We would be happy to share with your company the advantages of the shell mold process and on the added value Hiler Industries can provide you in the areas of quality, delivery, and innovation. Come anytime to meet with and to brainstorm with us in our comfortable Innovation Room.