Our Equipment

At Hiler Industries, our shell mold process utilizes technologically advanced equipment, such as:

  • Shell Mold Machines (with bonding applicators, modernized mechanical picker units, flame sensing & lockout safeties, wireless temperature outputs, integrated weight / temperature / timer PLC controls)
  • Shell Core Machines (Manual and Automatic; PLC & touch screen controls)
  • Electric Induction Melt Furnaces (IGBT controlled & emergency generator protected)
  • Auto-Grind Machines (Indexing and Non-Indexing with full enclosure CNC driven, auto cycle, diamond wheel technology)
    • Collaborative Robot Technology has been integrated with four Auto-Grind Machines and a Hydraulic Trim Press

Hiler Industries’ equipment is machine networked and integrated using a webHMI (Human Machine Interface) which allows real-time data transfer for key information regarding production, part recipes, maintenance and communication.